Extreme Conditions Policy

The Lorne Country Club Extreme Conditions (e.g Weather) Policy has been introduced to provide guidance to members and guests in relations to playing conditions which might impact on the health and well-being of players on the golf course and tennis courts.

The Extreme Conditions Policy addresses issues of extreme heat, ex strong winds or approaching danger e.g Fire warnings. It also applies when greens & courts become unplayable due to heavy rain or other circumstance and suspension of play is necessary.

Extreme Heat Policy

“Should the forecast temperature predicted for Aireys Inlet or Lorne when advised by the Bureau of Metrology at 4.00pm on the evening before the day of competition be 38 degrees or more the course and courts will be closed to all competitions.


  1. The Club has a duty of care to its members and guests and seeks to take a reasonable approach to days of extreme heat.
  2. The Club is cognisant of advice given by Golf Victoria and Sports Medicine Australian and expressed in the Golf Victoria Heat Policy.
  3. The Club is concerned for the health and well-being of all of its members.
  4. The Club is concerned for any possible litigation arising out of a heat-related situation.

Fire Risk – Code Red & Extreme Fire Danger

On days of extreme fire danger, Code Red or other potential threat situations the Course will be closed for Club Competitions.

Strong Winds

Members are advised and reminded of the dangers of limbs falling from trees on days of extreme winds (50 kph or more). Members are advised to be aware of the forecast of strong winds and give consideration to their own personal safety while out on the course.


“Should the forecast at 4.00pm on the day before a competition be for winds likely to exceed 50 kph members and guests will be reminded of the possible dangers of falling limbs or trees.

Course Unplayable

If the Committee considers that for any reason the course is not in a playable condition or that there are circumstances that render the proper playing of the game impossible it may order a temporary suspension of play or cancel all scores for the round.


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