Information for members from Feb 2019 committee meeting

. Members are reminded of the upcoming golf day at Commonwealth Golf Club on Monday 4th March 2019. Please email the club if you wish to participate.

. Aquatic Club v Country Club golf day: This event was held on Sunday 10th Feb. Over 60 Aquatic and Country Club members members competed over 9 holes. The Country Club were the winners on the day. Great fun was had and we look forward to holding the event next year.

. The Robert Trickey cup between Barwon Valley and Lorne was finalised at Barwon Valley on Sat 9th Feb 2019. All players enjoyed the hospitality at Barwon Valley and we look forward to holding the event next year.

. The new machinery shed will be erected this week and we have started to receive machinery from Kingswood golf club.

. Tickets are now available for the Melbourne Cup Calcutta. Tickets are available from the bar and committee members.

. A proposed Sunshine Coast golf trip was proposed by Ian Stewart. Any interested members should contact Ian Stewart for further information.

. Wack and Walk golf commenced on Wed 13th Feb. This concept is designed to encourage people wishing to learn the game of golf. A further day will be held on Wednesday 27th Feb and the last Wed of every month from then on. For further details contact the club.

. A tennis report was tabled but as there was no representative from the tennis section a number of items have been referred back to the tennis section for clarification.